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Result: 303 EUR in Auction RCA2024-06

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Distillery: Caroni
Bottler label: Velier
Distilled date: February 1998
Bottled date: November 2015
Age: 17
Type label: 100% Trinidad Rum
Description: Extra Strong - 110° PROOF
Packing type: Box
Alcohol strength: 55% vol.
Content quantity: 70 cl e
Importer: Velier SPA
Bottle code: 2015/11/30 12:13 LBR.31374 11
Lot number: 1008
Auction Category: July 03rd, 2024
20:25 Rum Caribbean II
ABNumber: AAC-001
Category: Rum Caribbean
Filling Level: Fillinglevel Sticker on the backside photo
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